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What is a History Essay?

History is a field of study that is more than just about the past and the present. It is an area wherein many answers are given to a multitude of questions. As a field of study, historians interpret facts that are told, molded and changed to fit an era which is then handed down through generations. Facts are the backbone of history and the most important part of the field of history study.

Historians through the ages made essays of facts and evidence that have happened in certain eras to provide an accurate picture of the event. However, there is also some contradiction towards this by the simple idea that when it comes to history, it is a given fact that there is no accurate description.

The interpretation of a historian, through his history essay, should give answers to all the facts that have been gathered, but certain factors such as his upbringing and society can often influence answers.

An essay made by any historian reflects their beliefs and their societies’ beliefs as well. He becomes the unconscious spokesman of a society he belongs to and his written word shows the trend in the way he approaches the facts of past history. Other historians believe that the past should only be the thing to be written which should not in any way include the present era when it was written, for it to be considered a success. They further hold to the logic that the truth about past events could also be discovered if the present is kept out of it.

History gives one numerous version of a past event that comes from different attitudes and sources coming from different historians. It can also be stated that it is an almost impossible task for a historian to be able to write everything about a part of history regardless of where he will get the information. A history essay written by a historian can only be his interpretation and version of the things that happened in the past. The only way that all historians agree on would be: History is best recorded in writing.

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